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New HIIT Demo Class Debuts With Trainer Alex

Greetings Club Julian Members,

Ready to challenge your calorie burning workouts for 2018? Trainer Alex has just what you need to take it to the next level. Blast through those plateaus with his new one-hour HIIT Demo Class starting Saturday, January 27 from 12:30pm.

This high intensity Interval training class is designed to deliver a total body workout and muscle burn that combines all the benefits of cardio and resistance training. You can expect circuits, challenges and games that will make you work hard (but can easily be modified for all fitness levels). It's open to all members.

The format of the demo will include 3 different circuits, each with 6 different 'explosive plyo' exercises.  There will be 30 second intervals of activity with 15 second intervals of rest between rounds.

Exercises include squats, burpees, jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, mountain climbers, lunges, leg raises and more. Modifications are available throughout the workout. Light weights and kettle bells will also be incorporated into the HIIT session. So let's get started.

No registration is necessary, but you can CLICK HERE to RSVP by entering your name and HIIT ME in the comments section. Get ready to step it up with Trainer Alex.

New HIIT DEMO class with Triainer Alex

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